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Elina Yang

 United States
Timezone: America/New_York

My name is Elina Yang finished from the structure structural construction program. In the building and construction realty market has actually accumulated a relatively rich experience in pre-development and project management of realty, to understand the residential as well as public building task development, management processes, understand the details of the control in position, can be forecasted beforehand, and has a strong ability to fix issues. Happy as well as vibrant, wide interests, adaptable, diligent, accountable, diligent as well as going to meet new difficulties. Presently working at Hiking Machinery, our business concentrates on the production of construction equipment as well as concrete plants. Our items consist of laser screed, power screed, Concrete power trowel machine , truss screed, Ride on power trowel  as well as roller screed,concrete power float  please contact us if you need these items.


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