Developing Competitive Learning Strategies for Diverse Learners

Wednesday, November 28, 2018 1:00pm - 2:00pm EST  
Host: Future Workplace Webinars
By: Kerri Manorek, Learning Strategy Consultant, D2L; Kiara Graham, Learning Strategy Consultant, D2L; and Kevin Mulcahy, Partner, Future Workplace

Today’s modern workforce is made up of employees who are not only at different stages of their career, but have different learning needs as well. It can often be tricky to develop and rollout a strategy that is aligned with the organizational goals, yet addresses the needs of each individual learner.  This webinar will discuss how a company can provide a learning strategy for diverse learners and leverage their skillset to remain competitive in today’s market. Each attendee will leave this webinar understanding the following:

  • How to add value at each stage of the learner’s journey
  • How to reach and engage with each learner type
  • How to capture and manage institutional knowledge
  • How to execute a successful learning strategy


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Kerri Manorek
Kerri Manorek

Learning Strategy Consultant, D2L

For the past decade, Kerri has been working with organizations in a wide range of industries to develop and implement their strategic learning plans and guide them to their desired outcomes. Starting out as a technology instructor, her interests lead her to investigate the big picture of organization learning and she became a veteran in reimaging workplace learning culture. Now, as Learning Strategy Consultant for D2L, Kerri is focused on the corporate market and is constantly on top of the emerging research and trends in the workforce learning sphere. Kerri holds a Master’s degree in Learning and Technology from Royal Roads University and a Honour’s Bachelor degree from Wilfrid Laurier University.

Kiara Graham
Kiara Graham

Learning Strategy Consultant, D2L

Kiara Graham is a Learning Strategy Consultant at D2L. Kiara has over seven years’ experience helping organizations foster innovation and growth by creating modern learning cultures through strategic investment in learning and development initiatives. Kiara has worked with Learning teams in Higher Education, Financial Services, Insurance, Health Care, and Hospitality industries on organizational transformation, change management, leadership development, onboarding, technical and soft skills training. Kiara’s experience has taught her that making learning a priority today can position organizations as leaders of tomorrow in this age of digital disruption. Kiara holds a Master of Arts from Carleton University. 

Kevin Mulcahy
Kevin Mulcahy

Partner, Future Workplace

Kevin J. Mulcahy is a partner with Future Workplace and along with Jeanne, is the co-host of The Future Workplace Network, a membership community for HR executives. Organizations across multiple industries and geographies regularly engage him to facilitate corporate workshops on ‘future proofing’ their business and HR strategies. 


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