Fostering a Diversity Mindset at CEMEX through Digital Learning

Wednesday, September 18, 2019 1:00pm - 2:00pm EDT  
Host: Future Workplace Webinars
By: Beatriz Tumoine, Global Planning and Development Director, CEMEX and Kevin Mulcahy, Partner, Future Workplace

CEMEX, a progressive global building materials company with 42,000 employees in 50 countries, adopted Diversity & Inclusion as a strategic priority in 2018.  The CEMEX 2030 Agenda charts a bold course for the company’s D&I initiatives, including comprehensive training for their 4,000+ managers worldwide. In partnership with NovoEd, the CEMEX University team created an innovative, digital high impact learning experience, ‘Unconscious Bias’, that curates internal and external content and relies on virtual collaboration, practice, and interaction to raise awareness of biases and nurture the CEMEX culture.

Join us and learn how CEMEX is: 

  • Translating a global strategic initiative into a powerful, inclusive online learning experience; 
  • Leveraging collaborative learning to create a sense of connection and belonging; 
  • Incorporating global peer interactions and leader-led learning;
  • Embedding practice, reflection, and internal expertise into the learning experience.

Register today to hear how CEMEX is addressing unconscious bias across its global workforce and using the power of digital learning experiencesto enable new mindsets and behaviors.


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Beatriz Tumoine
Beatriz Tumoine

Global Planning and Development Director, CEMEX

Beatriz Tumoine is the Global Planning and Development Director for CEMEX. An entrepreneur early in her career, Beatriz transitioned into corporate life in marketing and sales, international procurement, and consulting. Fifteen years ago, she found in CEMEX her passion for talent development and began her journey in Human Resources. Today, she continues her journey to continue learning and exploring options to ensure that CEMEX employees find a positive and stimulating work environment in all geographies in which it operates.¬

Kevin Mulcahy
Kevin Mulcahy

Partner, Future Workplace

Kevin J. Mulcahy is a partner with Future Workplace and along with Jeanne, is the co-host of The Future Workplace Network, a membership community for HR executives. Organizations across multiple industries and geographies regularly engage him to facilitate corporate workshops on ‘future proofing’ their business and HR strategies. 


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