Address The Skills Gap Challenge With Micro-Credentialing

Wednesday, November 13, 2019 1:00pm - 2:00pm EST  
Host: Future Workplace Webinars
By: Jeff Salin, Senior Learning Solutions Consultant, D2L and Kevin Mulcahy, Partner, Future Workplace

Micro-credentialing is a great way to track up-skilling and certification for learners within organizations.  This session will cover how micro-credentialing supports ongoing professional development and personalized learning pathways as it pertains to progress, accomplishments, and skills. Learn how other organizations are leveraging open badges to address the skills gap challenge.

Join us and learn:

  • What open badges are and why the the open badge framework matters
  • How badges help solve the skills gap and how clients are using them to transform their learning culture
  • Strategies for badging effectively at your organization.

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Jeff Salin
Jeff Salin

Senior Learning Solutions Consultant, D2L

Jeff Salin is a senior instructional designer in the Learning and Creative Services department at D2L. He is a passionate educator, focusing on scenario-based learning, gamification, and competency-based education. He’s also into audio engineering, music, triathlons, and all things food.

Kevin Mulcahy
Kevin Mulcahy

Partner, Future Workplace

Kevin J. Mulcahy is a partner with Future Workplace and along with Jeanne, is the co-host of The Future Workplace Network, a membership community for HR executives. Organizations across multiple industries and geographies regularly engage him to facilitate corporate workshops on ‘future proofing’ their business and HR strategies. 


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