The 2020 Talent Trends Report

Wednesday, February 5, 2020 1:00pm - 2:00pm EST  
Host: Future Workplace Webinars
By: Eric Sydell, EVP Innovation, Modern Hire and Jeanne Meister, Founding Partner, Future Workplace

The new year promises to bring new opportunities - if you're a job candidate. Another year of record-low unemployment means candidates can be increasingly selective about where they want to go to work.

If you’re hiring in 2020, finding and keeping talent will be harder than ever.

So, what trends can you expect to see in 2020? And how, in an already incredibly competitive market, can you win the war for talent?

Join us and learn the trends likely to change the hiring landscape for years to come, trends like:

  • Hiring for retention
  • Using technology to improve experiences for candidates AND recruiters
  • Establishing AI laws and ethics
  • Optimizing (not necessarily shortening) the hiring process for organizations AND candidates
  • Personalizing the hiring experience

Start 2020 at the top of your game by knowing the trends that will shape hiring, and how you can win the war for talent.


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Eric Sydell
Eric Sydell

EVP Innovation, Modern Hire

Eric oversees all research and product innovation initiatives at Modern Hire, including the data-science focused Labs team. He is passionate about applying machine learning and deep learning in particular, to candidate data to more effectively match candidates with career opportunities. Eric is highly motivated to show the power of these new AI-based technologies and guide them to ensure they benefit individuals as well as organizations. He writes extensively on and has spoken around the work on these topics.


Eric previously served as the Executive Vice President, Innovation at Shaker International, of which he was also a founder. He also was a Consultant at CEB/SHL.

Jeanne Meister
Jeanne Meister

Founding Partner, Future Workplace

Jeanne C. Meister is a founding partner of Future Workplace, an HR executive network and research firm. She is the recipient of the Distinguished Contribution in Workplace Learning Award, presented by the Association for Talent Development (ATD) to one executive each year honoring that individual’s body of work. Jeanne is the co-author of the bestselling book The 2020 Workplace: How Innovative Companies Attract, Develop, and Keep Tomorrow’s Employees Today and co-author of the upcoming book The Future Workplace Experience: 10 Rules for Mastering Disruption in Recruiting and Engaging Employees. Jeanne is also a contributor to Forbes. She lives in New York City and regularly speaks on how to prepare for the future of working and learning. 

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