How Are Companies Planning A Return to the Office: Five Strategic Priorities for the Hybrid Workplace?

Thursday, September 16, 2021 1:00pm - 2:00pm EDT  
Host: Future Workplace Webinars
By: Jeanne Meister, Founding Partner, Future Workplace and Fred Foulkes, Director, Human Resources Policy Institute, Boston University, Questrom School of Business

The surge in adopting flexibility in where, when and how work happens, has put HR at the center of navigating a post-Covid workplace. HR leaders and their teams are now “essential workers” in creating a safe, inclusive, equitable and hybrid workplace, combining the best of in-person and remote work.

Against this dramatic backdrop, Future Workplace in partnership with Boston University Questrom School of Business Human Resource Planning Institute and Lyra Health conducted a survey of 200 HR leaders to uncover five strategic priorities as they plan for a return to the office:

  1. Employee Well-being & Mental Health
  2. Diversity Equity & Inclusion
  3. Employee Experience
  4. Agile Work Practices
  5. Digitization of HR

As an attendee of this webinar you will :

  • Gain key research insights conducted among 200 senior HR leaders on five strategic priorities for 2021 and beyond;
  • Go into depth with Industry Perspective Case Studies from Amgen and HP and more to define which HR practices will have the most impact for your organization;
  • Learn the top skill sets for HR in 2025 as identified by 200 HR leaders ;
  • Inform your HR Strategic Plan with key questions to ask as you move to a hybrid workplace.


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Jeanne Meister
Jeanne Meister

Founding Partner, Future Workplace

Jeanne C. Meister is a founding partner of Future Workplace, an HR executive network and research firm. She is the recipient of the Distinguished Contribution in Workplace Learning Award, presented by the Association for Talent Development (ATD) to one executive each year honoring that individual’s body of work. Jeanne is the co-author of the bestselling book The 2020 Workplace: How Innovative Companies Attract, Develop, and Keep Tomorrow’s Employees Today and co-author of the upcoming book The Future Workplace Experience: 10 Rules for Mastering Disruption in Recruiting and Engaging Employees. Jeanne is also a contributor to Forbes. She lives in New York City and regularly speaks on how to prepare for the future of working and learning. 

Fred Foulkes
Fred Foulkes

Director, Human Resources Policy Institute, Boston University, Questrom School of Business